Learn Talent Sourcing

from actual 

expert sourcers

Learn the Tools, Techniques and Mindset behing Talent Sourcing

Think like a Sourcer

Data Brain

How to find profiles/data online. Master boolean, online searches and people data identification.

Engagement Brain

How to attract through personal branding, smart posting.

How to contact/engage, shape outreach messages that work

How do you want to learn?

More than 8h of videos + 4 conferences.

Learn at your own pace, 1 year access, 24/7, worldwide.

Available in English and French

2 days intensive training either onsite or online (4 half days if via zoom).

Bootcamps can be booked by individuals (join a group) or for a whole company team (contact me for a quote).

Videos on Demand

Available in English and French

The Sourcing Video Pack is 80+ videos representing more than 8 hours of content + 4 conferences.

Watch them when you want, available 24/7, worldwide.

Videos will be regularly updated and you have 1 year access.

The Personal Branding module is just one module of the pack that has been taken out for the people willing to learn how to create a nice linkedin profile, improve their picture, text, test their SEO, learn more about the Linkedin algorythm.

1h30 of content on the subject available to anyone willing to improve their linkedin presence.






159 CHF

6 months access

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1 249 CHF

1 year access

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Bootstrap your sourcing skills.

The bootcamp is a 14 hours intensive Talent Sourcing course presented by Guillaume Alexandre, expert Talent Sourcer and creator of the People Attraction Theory.

Bootcamps can 

Onsite in my office near Geneva, 2 days course, 8 people max, meals and drinks included.

Online via zoom: 4 x 0,5 days, 8 people max, 3 months access to video playback of the bootcamp.

Onsite in your company to train your team: 2 days course, contact me for a quote.

To know more about me, Guillaume Alexandre,

please check https://www.gates-solutions.com/

or freely stalk me online ;-)

8 people MAX  (4 people min).

2 days intensive training (4 half days via zoom)

Ask any question.


I'll help you define YOUR future Talent Attraction strategy

Live Sourcing on YOUR roles, keep all data gathered.

Exclusive Playbook as takeaway (58 pages).


Due to the current COVID situation, all bootcamps will be online (via zoom) at least until mid 2021

4 mornings: monday, tuesday, thursday, friday

9h to 12h30 CET (if morning sessions are full, afternoon sessions might open)

Exclusive Playbook (58 pages with all tools and links) + 3 months video replay of the bootcamp.

Week 6 (start Feb 8th)
Week 11 (start March 15th)
Week 15 (startvApril 12th)
Week 18 (start May 3rd)

per person

14 hours training

Guillaume Alexandre Talent Sourcer

More questions?

- What is the philosophy behind this platform?

- Who will be training me? Who is Guillaume?

- How experienced do you need to be to attend?

- Can I offer this training as onboarding for newcomers?

- Is there a certification delivered?

For all these questions and many others, please visit the FAQ page!

Still have questions? Please contact me using the form below


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